Manage your advertising with integrated photography, graphic design and video, utilising Social Media.

16 years of Search Engine Optimisation for our website clients has given us the best insight to Social Media Marketing that one can possibly have.

We now manage Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for our clients, offering a professional service that is personalised to each client and presents a unique advantage to your precious brand name. SMM needs to be strictly adhered to, if left to untrained people your brand name could be at risk.

If your business is in Mallorca contact us for a free appraisal of your Social Media presence.

Whatever your business type is, be it large or small, it will always benefit from good, honest, effective advertising. Our expertise and experience is available for all aspects of media and advertising.


The foremost multimedia company in Mallorca now offers SEO and Website consultancy.

In the last ten years we have seen many people set up as web designers and a lot of them have slowly faded into obscurity. Unfortunately they have left a trail of disgruntled customers who have been left stranded with a website that is obsolete because they are using out of date software or not keeping up with today's technology.
Obselete software can be the quickest way to hack a website and once your website has been hacked you stand to lose a large percentage of your potential clients.

As a business owner do you understand what your web designer does for you? Do the terms SEO, CMS, html, php, CSS, Joomla or Word Press make your eyes glaze over?

If they do then you don't know whether you're being represented correctly or not. We have dealt with many instances of websites that have been suspended even though they looked OK to the casual observer but have been coded so the site can't be found or worse; blacklisted from certain browsers/ antivirus platforms.
If your business is in Mallorca and you want to know if your website is doing what it should be, contact us for a free appraisal on whether its doing what it should be doing. Read more


Established in 1999 we are Mallorca's foremost multimedia company.

We provide the content for a wide range of products including property advertising, yacht marketing, super yacht safety information and yacht safety plans. We produce top class photography, video, graphic design, virtual tours and web design for attracting high quality consumer response anywhere in the world.


Fast becoming the leading provider of superyacht safety video training presentations.

Palmamultimedia have been producing superyacht safety videos since 1999 and have been a strong proponent for bringing safety to guests and crew alike. Our association with some of the leading superyacht builders and management companies gives confidence to your project.