about us

  • paul miller palmamultimedia mallorca
Mallorca's Foremost Multimedia Company
Around the same time as Google and waaay before YouTube.

The idea for PalmaMultimedia was born in the 1994 when it was apparent that multimedia would eventually be present in all aspects of advertising and presentations.
Our video, design and styling work with stage production companies, had already involved us in fashion shows, product launches and entertainment events around Europe, so it was a natural progression for us to form Mallorca's foremost multimedia company.

Paul, ex Army Royal Engineer and Diana, Beauty Therapist, arrived here in 1992 after their successful business careers in the UK. Frank Crook from Marine Safety Mallorca representing the company, was born here. Between us we speak English, Spanish and German. See Paul's LinkedIn profile - Frank's LinkedIn profile.

Our collective experiences as skipper, engineer and crew on sailing yachts and motor yachts provides us with an unprecedented advantage when it comes to understanding procedures on board. We have a full working knowledge of safety procedures at sea which allows us to work economically and efficiently, with minimal disturbance to the day to day running of a busy yacht.

Creativity and real world experience in most, if not all aspects of computer design and web technology, allows us free rein to design for any product or service. Our up to date knowledge of the internet gives a solid foundation to advise when it comes to your advertising and media.

Private clients, small businesses and Large companies have all been impressed with our expansive knowledge of multimedia; let us know how we can assist you.

We are also part of a network that provides top class photography, translations, voice overs, art and production music, so if we can't do it - we know someone who can!!