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IMO adopts new interim measures for safety onboard including multi language video for all passenger ships..


Palmamultimedia have been producing superyacht safety videos since 1996 and have been a strong proponent for bringing safety to guests and crew alike.

Our recent client list says it all:-

M.Y. Dilbar       M.Y. Here Comes The Sun       M.Y. Volpini II       M.Y. Astra       M.Y. Eminence        M.Y. Air        M.Y. Imagine         M.Y. Ice

Superyacht Safety Video

Show a commitment to safety for your valued guests by informing them of the emergency  procedures on board your yacht. Produced in multiple languages, Guest Safety Videos are a valuable asset to any charter or private yacht, saving time and cutting through language barriers.

A guest safety video generally runs for approximately six minutes. It describes the actions to take when hearing alarms, discovering fire, or in a man over board situation. The scripts are carefully considered to ensure a high level of understanding; even if its one's first time on a yacht.

The video can usually be shot in as little as one/ two days using the crew as actors or additionally we can arrange models.
Editing takes anything from two weeks to a month depending on the complexity of the project, e.g. adding languages, 3d plans, special effects etc.

The final product can be viewed on any device stipulated and is increasingly put on a ships server to a dedicated safety channel.

We understand the working's of a yacht and plan our filming with very little disturbance to the yacht's schedule and have produced various forms of safety training presentations to suit the yacht's budget, ranging from a slide show to a full video production.


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