Yacht Video Production.

Producing a 'corporate' video needs to be presentable to the world so think carefully before proceeding. We offer informative presentations that will not only engage your audience at a far higher level than print advertising but also have a longer shelf life than a magazine or brochure advertisement.

Filmed on HD video and now also on DSLR  allowing us to produce an even better product. Video can be used for a myriad of purposes both on and offline. It portrays your product in the best possible light, showing intent to your brand.

Video Advertising.

Create a video for advertising property and yachts, products or service, video as a promotional aid, video as a training aid. Once your video has been produced, show it 24/7 on your website, or by utilising the power of YouTube and Facebook a permanent free advert can also be created.

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Manage your advertising with integrated photography, design and video utilising social media and YouTube.